The Royal Wedding

1. Ladbrokes froze bets on the Queen’s hat being yellow after it became the 10/11 odds-on favorite.

2. Mention of the hashtag #RoyalWedding surpassed 1 million on Twitter during the middle of the ceremony.

3. In Northern England, the Chester Zoo named a pair of Royal Starlings William and Kate to honor the couple’s engagement. The birds were later renamed Billy and Nate after it turned out they were both male.

4. Cleveland artist George Vlosich III spent more than 80 hours depicting the royal couple on an Etch A Sketch.

5.  The cost of the wedding? $32 million. (Compare that to the cost of the average U.S. wedding at $27,000).

6. Merchandise of all things William and Kate skyrocketed in the preceding months, including “Royal Wedding Commemorative Condoms.” The condoms, called “Crown Jewels,” came with the tag, “Lie back and think of England.”

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