South Africa

1. South Africa is home to two colonies of penguins, known as African Penguins. It is the only penguin species that breeds in Africa.

2. The world’s largest diamond, the Cullinan Diamond, was found in South Africa in 1905. It weighed 3,106.75 carats uncut. It was cut into the Great Star of Africa, weighing 530.2 carats, and 105 other diamonds which now form part of the British crown jewels.

3. In the eastern part, South Africa entirely surrounds another country– Lesotho, an independent constitutional monarchy.

4. South Africa has the cheapest electricity in the world (and generates two-thirds of the continent’s electric).

5.  The only street in the world to house two Nobel prize winners is Vilakazi Street in Soweto, South Africa.  Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu both have houses there.

6. South Africa is the sole producer of the Mercedes Benz C-Class right-hand drive vehicles, and the only place outside of the U.S. to manufacture the Hummer H3.

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